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We Protect Global Alliance to end child sexual exploitation online

Child sexual abuse is a hideous crime. For the vast majority of us, the idea of violating, hurting and abusing a child is intolerable. Nonetheless, these crimes are not as rare as we would like to think. Every day, countless children around the world are sexually abused and exploited, and images and videos of the abuse are circulated.

We cannot afford to remain passive, and we cannot afford to act alone. This is not a phenomenon that any country can tackle on its own. Modern technology allows criminals to move images, videos and contacts quickly between jurisdictions, exploiting legal loopholes and the anonymity the Internet provides. International cooperation is essential if we want to stand a chance of rescuing victims, putting a stop to continuing re-victimization and of finding and prosecuting offenders.

The We Protect Global Alliance to End Child Sexual Exploitation Online, resulting from the merger between We Protect and the Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online, tries to respond to these challenges.

We Protect

We Protect was created in 2014 in the UK as a global multi-stakeholder response to combating online child abuse and exploitation. Its participants were signatories to a global statement of action, to which 98 countries, 62 civil society organisations, international organisations, and 53 leading technology companies had already committed to.

The Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online

Progress reports

Participants produced progress reports on the actions they committed to, on the occasion of the Second Ministerial Conference, in September 2014.

The documents available below – both commitments and progress reports – reflect the choice and views of the individual country.