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The A to Z of a successful online campaign


Where do I start?


Video – Creativity in counter-narratives [Against Violent Extremism]
Video – Counter-narratives and social media [Against Violent Extremism]
Video – What is a counter-narrative? [Against Violent Extremism]
Four ways to counter ISIS propaganda more effectively [Brookings Institution]
Starting points for combating hate speech online [Council of Europe]
Counter-speech on Facebook [Demos]
Avoid the pitfalls of counter-narratives [Danish Institute for International Studies]
Countering hate on Facebook
Who matters online: measuring influence, evaluating content and countering violent extremism in online social networks [International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence]
The Impact of Counter-Narratives [ISD]
Counter-narrative monitoring & evaluation handbook [ISD]
The counter-narrative handbook [ISD]
Hate beneath the counter speech? A qualitative content analysis of user comments on YouTube related to counter speech videos [Journal for Deradicalization]
Lessons learned – what to do and what not! [RAN/EFD]
3 campaigns – which one is right for you? [RAN/EFD]
How to identify the people you want to reach [RAN/EFD]
Checklist on monitoring and evaluating a campaign [RAN]
Dissemination strategies and online multi-platform networks [RAN]
Get inspired! Campaigns from the CSEP network [RAN]
One-to-one digital interventions [RAN]
Counter narratives and alternative narratives [RAN]
Dos and don’ts of involving formers in PVE/CVE work [RAN]
Campaigning on Twitter: handbook for NGOs [Twitter]
10 fundamentals of a creative strategy on YouTube [YouTube]

Keeping the campaign going: