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Migration and Home Affairs

Spotlight on Prisons Rehabilitation and Reintegration


The ongoing Covid pandemic has given new opportunities for violent extremists to radicalise and recruit.

The proliferation of conspiracy theories and radicalising narratives has increased, while recent attacks in Austria, France and Germany show that the terrorist threat is still very present.

Prison and probation services across the EU continue to handle the large numbers of individuals convicted of terrorism-related domestic crimes.

With foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) from conflict areas still returning it is likely these numbers will continue to increase.

EU Member States are therefore facing a significant challenge to rehabilitate terrorist offenders, during and after their release, and with many expected to be released from prison next year, to prepare their families and local communities for their reintegration into society.

Download the Spotlight:

Spotlight on Prisons Rehabilitation and Reintegration (also available in French and German).