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Migration and Home Affairs

Spain - EMN NCP Info

EMN collects, analyses and publishes factual information on migration and asylum issues.





The ES EMN NCP is composed of experts from the Ministries of Employment and Social Security, of Interior, for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and of Justice and the General Prosecutor’s Office.

It is coordinated by the Deputy General Directorate for Legal affairs unit under the responsibility of the General Secretariat for Immigration and Emigration, Ministry of Employment and Social Security, with the following task and activities, among others:

The elaboration of normative projects and reports on matters relating to immigration and emigration; preparation of policy proposals related to the development, approval, implementation and application of standards of the European Union and/or of international scope, on matters within its competence; coordination of the action of the General Secretariat in the field of European Union as well as in the case of other international organizations in the field of migration, and the elaboration of instructions for policy development in the area of the General Secretariat aimed at the peripheral bodies of the General Administration of the State.

An organogram of the organisation of asylum and migration policies in the Member State is available below:


26 MAY 2021
2020 EMN Spain factsheet and organogram
(78.12 KB - PDF)