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RAN RVT VIIIth International Congress for Victims of Terrorism, Nice 21-23 November 2019

On 21, 22 and 23 November 2019, the VIIIth International Congress for Victims of Terrorism took place in Nice, France, co-organised by the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (AfVT) and the City of Nice, in partnership with mainly the RAN Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism Working Group (RAN RVT). Two of the Working Group’s core objectives have been addressed here: remembrance of victims of terrorism as well as the role of victims in the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism.

Also, other topics of relevance for victims of terrorism were addressed, such as the role of states and local authorities, the evolution of the terrorist threat, specific accompaniment for children and support for first responders after a terrorist attack. Furthermore, the Congress provided space for victims’ testimonies, artistic moments and a ceremonial act.

This ex post paper captures the main outcomes and recommendations following the International Congress for Victims of Terrorism. Read more


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