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RAN P&P Practitioners’ Working Paper Approaches to countering radicalisation and dealing with violent extremist and terrorist offenders in prisons and probation, 2018

In recent years, government policy has repeatedly identified prisons as particularly significant environments, not only in terms of risk of radicalisation, but also for disengagement from violent extremism and implementation measures to prevent radicalisation of individual offenders.

Initially, thematic publications on prisoners and radicalisation were focused on analysing the related risks and dynamics, but more recently, authors and Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) activities have centred also on practical challenges: female offenders, family support interventions, the role of religion, returning foreign fighters, the importance of prison conditions, and approaches to rehabilitation and reintegration.

This paper presents the practitioners’ perspective, and first and foremost aims to be of value to other practitioners in this field. It provides an overview of some of the principal findings emerging in the field of radicalisation, in the context of prison and probation. Read more


Issue Paper (also available in German | Greek | French | Finnish | Italian | Dutch | Polish | Romanian | Spanish)