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RAN EXIT Practical guideline — Management of Exit work, Frankfurt 17-18 January 2019

The general objective of the RAN EXIT Working Group is the enforcement of skills of practitioners in exit work. This document focuses on an advanced topic: the management of exit work and/or facilities.

Compared to other programmes in P/CVE, managers of exit programmes deal with the specific circumstances that exit work encompasses: what is the difference with management of other interventional programmes? And, what special skills do managers of exit programmes need and how do they recruit, coach and safeguard their staff?

Moreover, a manager needs to be aware of external factors: how can they deal with the pressure from the outside, such as press and public opinion? And, how can they cooperate with the government and/or other stakeholders that fund them?

These very basic guidelines for management of exit work have been produced during the in-depth meeting of RAN EXIT in Frankfurt on 17 and 18 January, which both managers and researchers attended. For further suggestions or in-depth questions, please contact the RAN Centre of Excellence. Read more


PDF Paper (also available in French and German)