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RAN EXIT Gender-specific approaches in exit work, 22-23 October 2019

The topic of gender has been discussed extensively within and outside RAN over the past few years. The focus has been directed at gender differences and the role gender plays in the process of radicalisation. However, research on gender and deradicalisation has found that 'even though gender is really pushed in terms of policy and CVE policy … it's not something being addressed on the ground'.

This ex post paper sets out the key topics and issues for practitioners considering the influence of gender in their exit work, as well as for experts and policymakers active in this area. It highlights the importance of the role gender plays in exit work with diverse violent extremist (VE) groups: gender informs their motives for joining, their experiences and reasons for leaving, as well as their post-VE needs and identity formation.

The paper also considers gender-specific aspects of disengagement, deradicalisation and reintegration efforts of exit work: the needs, networks and narratives of participants are influenced by the gender norms and gender roles of the communities with which they reconnect. Read more


PDF Paper (also available in French and German)