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Лого на Европейската комисия
Migration and Home Affairs

RAN Ambassadors: Promoting RAN’s work at national level

The main role of RAN Ambassadors is to engage, inspire and support national frontline practitioners working daily with both those at risk of radicalisation and those who have been radicalised.

Based in 10 EU Member States, they are the bridges between activities at EU and national level. They raise public awareness about RAN activities and work to facilitate the implementation of RAN recommendations at the local, regional and national level.

Since May 2021, RAN Ambassadors have been acting as effective multipliers of the RAN Practitioners activities in their respective countries.

RAN Ambassadors are also actively involved in disseminating information about relevant RAN activities within regional and national networks.

Meet our Ambassadors

  • Werner Prinzjakowitsch (Austria)
  • Karin Heremans (Belgium)
  • Sergej Augustin Erdelja (Croatia)
  • Thorleif Link (Denmark)
  • Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc (France)
  • Fabian Wichmann (Germany)
  • Vasileios Theofilopoulos (Greece)
  • Luca Guglielminetti (Italy)
  • Eva María Jiménez González (Spain)
  • Robert Örell (Sweden)