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EMN collects, analyses and publishes factual information on migration and asylum issues.





The EMN National Contact Point for the Netherlands (NL EMN NCP) is the Immigration and Naturalisation Service Research and Analysis Department. This unit is part of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), an agency of the Ministry of Security and Justice. The research conducted by INDIAC in general provides the IND and other national entities with objective information on asylum influx and migration flows. INDIAC also undertakes policy evaluations. The NL EMN NCP has developed a national network to aid its activities, involving partners with expertise in the field of asylum and migration. Those partners are from a wide stakeholder group of organisations, including non-governmental organisations like Amnesty International and the Dutch Council for Refugees (VWN), as well as governmental organisations like the Policy Department of the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Ministries of Social Affairs and of Foreign Affairs, the Police, and also the (academic) research community like the Universities of Amsterdam, Leiden and Nijmegen.

These national partners regularly contribute to NL EMN NCP activities. At the start of the studies the NL EMN NCP calls together a group of experts coming from the national network. Their expertise is very useful in the realisation of the EMN reports. The NL EMN NCP has its own website (see the URL below) and regularly publishes a national Newsletter. This Newsletter provides among others up to date information on EMN and highlights activities and achievements (e.g. studies) of the NL EMN NCP and its national network partners. Once a year, the NL EMN NCP organises a national network meeting on topics related to recent EMN reports. Also, NL EMN NCP aims at organising an international conference on a regular basis, on topics related to migration and asylum.

An organogram of the organisation of asylum and migration policies in the Member State is available below:

26 MAY 2021
2018 EMN the Netherlands organogram
(161.55 KB - PDF)