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Migration and Home Affairs

Migration and Home Affairs


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No man is an island: How an EU agency is helping protect borders

No one country can protect all our external borders – it’s a joint effort. In Lesbos, the EU’s naval patrols, security officers and immigration experts are working with Greek coast guards to coordinate border control and reassure the local community.

Discover the work of Frontex

From war-stricken Syria to safety: How the EU helped a refugee build a new life in the Netherlands

Zakaria Alo’s difficult and treacherous journey took him from war-torn Syria to Europe. Thanks to the EU’s relocation programme and a team of European heroes, he found a new, safe home in the Netherlands.

Read more about his journey.

Breaking the circle: How Europe shattered a human trafficking ring

National authorities needed to act quickly after uncovering a violent human trafficking ring. Young women, taken from their homes in Bulgaria, were being forced into prostitution in Spain.

In one week 34 gang members were arrested and 13 young women were freed. The operation owed its success to a coordinated European effort.


From awareness to prevention: How the EU is combating radicalisation across Europe

Radicalisation and extreme views have always existed, but new technologies and the growing polarisation of society make them a particularly insidious threat, especially for young people. Follow 2 mothers, the personal events that brought them to anti-radicalisation work, and the EU-wide network that has given them a new stage to share their stories and join forces with other practitioners in the field.