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Mid-term evaluation of the EU Drugs Strategy 2013-2020 and final evaluation of the Action Plan on Drugs 2013-2016

Date of roadmap: June 2015

This evaluation will allow assessing the status of the implementation of the Drugs Strategy 2013-2020, as well as of the Action Plan 2013-2016 in terms of both outputs and impact of these outputs. It will look at the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and coherence of the actions undertaken on basis of the Action Plan, as well as at the achieved EU added-value. The evaluation will contribute to ensuring that the objectives of the EU Drugs Strategy are achieved by 2020, by highlighting the areas where progress has been achieved and those where efforts have not yet been sufficient. The outcome of the evaluation will also contribute to the decision whether the Commission will propose a new Action Plan to cover the period 2017-2020.

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The open public consultation linked to this initiative closed on 31/05/2016. Please visit the open public consultation webpage for more information.

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