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Migration and Home Affairs

Malta - EMN NCP Info

EMN collects, analyses and publishes factual information on migration and asylum issues.





The Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security has the leading role on Asylum and Immigration. The Malta National Contact Point of the European Migration Network (MT EMN NCP) has been designated within the Third Country Nationals Unit of this Ministry. Its role is to establish a national migration network with a wide range of organisations and individuals active in the field of migration and asylum. The main core of this network consists of the Immigration Police, the Office of the Refugee Commissioner, the Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs Department, the National Office of Statistics, the Employment and Training Corporation and the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers.

On a regular basis the MT EMN NCP liaises and works with the assigned persons in these departments and agencies utilising their expertise in order to produce its outputs on reports, statistics and ad hoc queries. The MT EMN NCP also liaises with other public entities as necessary. Its role is also to create awareness among the national stakeholders involved in migration matters, amongst whom there are also non-governmental organisations.

An organogram of the organisation of asylum and migration policies in the Member State is available below:

26 MAY 2021
2018 EMN Malta organogram
(41.26 KB - PDF)