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EMN collects, analyses and publishes factual information on migration and asylum issues.





The EMN National Contact Point for Lithuania (LT EMN NCP) unites governmental and non-governmental actors. In Lithuania it was decided that the LT EMN NCP has to be a joint body representing the position of the Government as well as taking into account the position of the non-governmental sector and civil society. As a consequence the LT EMN NCP consists of representatives from the Ministry of the Interior and the Migration department as well as representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Vilnius office, which has close cooperation with NGOs, civil society, academia, migrants and is a part of the global IOM network. This leads to a wider networking, better representation and accommodation of different viewpoints while implementing EMN activities. The LT EMN NCP, as a focal point, collects, analyses, exchanges information and initiates debates on topical migration issues.

Lithuania is a country where migrants make up less than 1% of the total population. There are no specialised research units and no division at the governmental level responsible for development of migration studies and research. Therefore comprehensive information and research on migration topics is scarce and dispersed. LT EMN NCP seeks to fill the gap and act as the point where diverse information about migration is collected, analysed and then exchanged in the form of various studies and reports with different stakeholders. In order to present main activities and outputs a national website has been developed and the following tools are available:

• On-line library of EMN studies and reports
• Ad-hoc data base for practitioners
• Special section on migration statistics

Currently, the LT national migration network consists of 17 partners: 70% representing the governmental institutions and 30% NGO, civil society and academia.

An organogram of the organisation of asylum and migration policies in the Member State is available below:

26 MAY 2021
(182.96 KB - PDF)
26 MAY 2021
2020 EMN Lithuania organogram
(518.14 KB - PDF)