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Migration and Home Affairs

Hungary - EMN NCP Info

EMN collects, analyses and publishes factual information on migration and asylum issues.





The HU EMN NCP is the Department of European Cooperation within the Ministry of Interior. The department is responsible for the elaboration and coordination of migration, asylum and integration policies and supervises the work of the Office of Immigration and Nationality. The department is also responsible for the professional tasks related to the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) which has been set up for the period 2014-2020. The HU EMN NCP coordinates the work of the Hungarian national network and provides objective, up-to-date, reliable and comparable information on the field of migration and asylum for the EU institutions and Member States.

Besides acting as HU NCP team members, most of the colleagues fulfil other tasks relating migration coordination that enrich their expertise as migration specialists. The Hungarian network - that currently consist of colleagues of different ministries, police and other public institutions, universities and foundations working directly or indirectly in the field of migration - is continuously open for the accession of new members. The HU NCP welcomes the presence of every NCP in their annual international conference [dot] gov [dot] hu (emh[at]bm[dot]gov[dot]hu)

An organogram of the organisation of asylum and migration policies in the Member State is available below:


26 МАЙ 2021
(112.9 KB - PDF)