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Migration and Home Affairs

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EMN collects, analyses and publishes factual information on migration and asylum issues.





The FI EMN NCP is a separate entity within the Legal Service and Country Information Unit of the Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI) which issues the first residence permits, processes applications for asylum, steers the work of reception centres, makes decisions on refusal of entry and deportation, is responsible for the processing of citizenship applications and the issue of aliens passports. The Legal Service and Country Information Unit provides legal services and country of origin information to support the work of MIGRI and other authorities working on migration issues. MIGRI operates under the Ministry of the Interior which is responsible for the formulation of Finland’s immigration policy and for drafting legislation on immigration and citizenship. The Ministry represents Finland in immigration matters both within the European Union and in the international arena. The EMN Steering Board Member for Finland is a Government Councellor from the Ministry of the Interior. The National Network of EMN Finland consists of both individual members and organisations representing a wide range of actors, such as government departments, municipal authorities, labour union movement, employment authorities, recruitment agencies, institutes of higher learning, research community, NGO’s involved in immigration and integration issues including immigrant associations, international organisations, EU-level actors, religious organisations and media.

The membership list, with contact information and declared topics of interest within the field of migration, is placed on the EMN national website to enable national network members and other interested parties to liaise with those who share similar interests and to find relevant contacts to assist them in their work or research. The annual EMN National Seminar aims to include a research aspect and relevant national stakeholders’ presentations to complement the EMN product being presented. For the benefit of the national stakeholders, the FI EMN NCP national website has information available mainly in Finnish, with the front page information also available in English. In addition to the EMN products (national reports and synthesis reports of all the EMN studies and the ad hoc query summaries) the webpages also include a Current affairs section, where the FI EMN NCP and national network members can publicize events and publications that are of interest. Some of the synthesis reports are translated into Finnish. The FI EMN aims to publish at least one EMN product annually as a bilingual edition. A monthly electronic newsletter is sent out to over 500 e-mail addresses.

www.emn.fiemnatmigri [dot] fi (emn[at]migri[dot]fi)

An organogram of the organisation of asylum and migration policies in the Member State is available below:

26 MEI 2021
(88.2 KB - PDF)
26 MEI 2021
2020 EMN Finland organogram
(514.77 KB - PDF)