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Evaluation of the Visa Information System (VIS)

Date of roadmap: April 2015

The purpose of this evaluation is to analyse the performance of the VIS as a system, how it has been implemented in practice and the extent to which it reached its policy objectives, including its added value to the EU common visa policy.

The results of the evaluation will feed into a more general assessment of the need for further action in this area. If the evaluation reveals any implementation problems, the Commission may engage in bilateral exchanges with Member States to address the weaknesses and to achieve better implementation. The Commission may also foresee practical measures and/or facilitate further exchange of information and good practices in the framework of existing structures to improve the effectiveness of the VIS implementation. The evaluation may also reveal a need for amendments on any aspect of the VIS which could be subject to the subsequent impact assessment. After the evaluation, the Commission will deliver a report to be transmitted to the European Parliament and the Council.

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