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Call for participants: RAN YF&C – C&N meeting ‘Digital youthwork in P/CVE’ (19-20 March 2020)

Background and aim of this meeting

Young people spend a significant amount of their time online. Extremists know very well how to find them, provide them with high production value propaganda, and actively approach and recruit them online.

Many youth workers are eager to engage in online youth work and online one-on-one interventions. This topic has been discussed in some earlier RAN meetings. In CSEP training seminars and some C&N meetings, it was explored how practitioners such as youth workers can reach out to their target audiences with their messages online. The YF&C expert meeting on online youth work discussed the topic of effective digital youth work in depth and set up a step-by-step approach on how to do digital youth work online in a P/CVE context.

Since effective digital youth work remains challenging for many youth workers throughout the EU, there is a need for more knowledge, tools and methods on how to practically do this and which rules apply to online professional interaction with client groups. The outcomes will feed into an updated step-to-step approach and will be disseminated among a wider group of youth workers.

The meeting will combine the experience and knowledge from youth workers who are already engaged in digital youth work activities and those who are new to this field with the experience of C&N communication experts. Aim of the meeting is to deepen the knowledge on doing digital youth work in specific P/CVE contexts, by focussing on how to work with a specific target audience. This will feed into an in-depth step-to-step approach that can be used for less experienced digital youth workers.

What we are looking for?

We are currently looking for EU-based experts on (digital) one-to-one interventions, experienced youth workers who already do online youth work and youth workers who have started to do digital youth work or plan to do so in the nearby future. Furthermore, we are looking for EU-based communications experts who have experience with counter- and alternative narratives and targeting specific audiences in a P/CVE context. In order to find the best suited participants, we would like to ask you if you could answer the following questions:

  • For (digital) youth workers: Do you combine your online activities with work offline? If so, what is the offline/online component? In what digital youth work activity/project are you involved, or do you plan to be involved in? What does this activity/project look like? Does it target a P/CVE audience?
  • For communications experts: what is your experience in communications in P/CVE (specific project)? What is your experience with targeting a specific audience online in a P/CVE setting? Have you used a Theory of Change to check why an intervention would assumedly lead to behavioural change?


If you are interested in participating at this meeting, please elaborate on these questions by 31 January.


Please send your answers to Annelies Jansen and Lieke Wouterse.

Keep in mind that we only have a limited amount of places available for this meeting, so participation is not guaranteed!