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Call for participants: RAN Webinar “Right-Wing Extremism: Local Lessons and Transnational Dimensions”, 19 March 2021

This online meeting will take place on 19 March 2021 (15:00-16:30 CET) via WebEx. Attendance is limited.

This webinar will address the emergence of a new transnational (cross-border) violent right-wing extremism (VRWE) movement and its implications for practitioners working on a local level in the area of preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE). After discussing the latest relevant research on the transnational dimension of VRWE, the meeting will focus on lessons learned and good practices on how relevant activities of right-wing extremists can be identified, understood, prevented or countered for local P/CVE practitioners.

The target audience are public administration officials (including from tax offices, building authorities and youth welfare offices), police and law enforcement officials and practitioners who are interested in exchanging on the following issues:

  • Commercial events (e.g. concerts, festivals, mixed-martial arts) hosted by VRWE;
  • Commercial activities (e.g. mail-order business/merchandise) by VRWE;
  • Multi-agency cooperation on how to effectively deal with VRWE events or marches;


  • Alexander Ritzmann (RAN/Counter Extremism Project (CEP))
  • Maximilian Kreter (Hannah-Arendt-Institute Dresden, Germany)
  • Josefin Bergström (The Swedish Centre for Prevention of Violent Extremism , Sweden)
  • Hana Šebová (Extremist Screening Centre, National Counter Terrorism Unit, Slovakia)

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session and reflections by the panel. The meeting will be held under the Chatham House Rule.


Access to the Webinar is by invitation only. The target audience are public administration officials and front-line practitioners from the private sector and civil society. An official email account (e.g. institutional or university account/address) or proof of a legitimate interest is needed to register.

Are you interested?

Use the followinglinkto register by Thursday 18 March at the latest.

We look forward to your contributions!

Should you have any queries regarding the event, please contact: Nico Schernbeck