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Call for participants: RAN Study visit to the Returnee Coordinators in Berlin and Hessen

This is an online meeting that will take place on 23 June from 14:00-16:30 CET and 24 June from 14:00-16:30 CET

For the digital study visit to the Returnee Coordinators in Berlin and Hessen, we are currently looking for interested and suitable practitioners.

Topic of meeting

We will virtually “visit” two German Returnee Coordinators in order to get insights on how they cooperate with state and non-state actors in handling returnees from Syria and Iraq. When these people return to Germany, various state and civil society actors are involved in their management. Coordination offices were created in six federal states with the task to monitor the entire process, and to coordinate the cooperation between the authorities and civil society actors at a very early stage.

Returnees have to be integrated into municipal structures relatively quickly - from youth welfare offices to schools, employment agencies and so on. State structures and civil society actors, such as associations and advice centres, play a key role in the continued care of returnees, especially in the context of reintegration.

The study visit aims to increase participants’ knowledge through exchanges with the returnee coordinators working with a multi-agency approach. Furthermore, it aims to cross-check experiences and the theoretical knowledge produced in Europe in recent years against the realities developing in Berlin and Hessen. The core objective is to provide participants with insights into ongoing multi-dimensional (re)integration efforts of returning FTFs and their family members.

Call for participants

We are currently looking for first-line practitioners who have experience in working with returnees or are keen on learning more on this topic, as well as professionals who are responsible for coordinating the work with returnees. In order to find the best-suited participants, we would like to ask you if you could answer the following questions when sharing your interest to participate:

  • How does your work relate to returning foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) and their families? Are you already working with returnees? Do you work mostly with returning women, children or men? Do you expect to work with returnees in the future?
  • Who coordinates the activities related to the return of FTFs and their families (before and after their arrival) in your country?
  • What challenges do you face when it comes to multi-agency coordination of the activities related to returnees?
  • What are your 3 key questions that you would wish to ask the German returnee coordinators and/or other participants in this study visit?


If you are interested in participating at this meeting, could you please elaborate on these questions before the 19th of June the latest by sending your answers to and We will invite participants based on this information.

Please keep in mind that we only invite a limited amount of participants to this meeting to ensure valuable exchange and interaction, so participation is not guaranteed.