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Call for experts: reviewing RAN Collection practices

As part of the growing RAN Collection, a selection of practices receives a review by different experts from the RAN expert pool each year. This review process allows for a differentiation between inspiring and peer reviewed practices in the Collection. Practices which receive an expert review are labelled ‘peer reviewed practice’.

The aim of the expert review is threefold:

  1. to introduce more quality standards for inclusion in the RAN Collection,
  2. to raise awareness about the increasing necessity of evaluating P/CVE interventions, tools and methods, and
  3. to further support practitioners with the professionalisation of their projects.

Within the scope of this process, RAN offers practice owners across Europe the opportunity to receive tailored advice on how to improve the quality and impact of their projects, tools and/or methods. The written advice and recommendations are only shared with practice owners and will not be published.

The assignment includes the following activities:

  • Reviewing the practice before 27 September 2021 based on a questionnaire (filled in by RAN Collection practice owners) and on other relevant documents (past evaluations, weblinks, videos etc.) of the practice. Experts will additionally schedule one video call with practice owners.
  • Delivering a one-page advice to the practice owner. RAN has developed a format for this. Experts will be asked to thoroughly review (applied) methods and objectives of the practices.

The fixed budget for this assignment is EUR 400 per review (excluding VAT and including other taxes).

Experts who want to apply must:

  • Be a member of the RAN expert pool.
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a first-line practitioner in the field of P/CVE.
  • Proven knowledge about the topic to be reviewed (this differs per practice, so please elaborate on your experience in the field of P/CVE).
  • Proven experience with constructive reviewing and/or theory of change and/or evaluation.

Also, please indicate language skills. Reply to this request before 03 August 2021.

We highly encourage youth participation in P/CVE. Therefore, for 4-5 selected practices, one expert from the expert pool and one experienced member of the RAN YOUNG Platform will co-review a respective practice.

RAN staff will determine the selection of experts among the applications. The applicants will be informed before 11 August 2021.

If you have any questions related to this assignment, please contact Sophie Scheuble and Esther Zuiderveld