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Call for Experts: RAN in the Western Balkans Expert Pool

RAN in the Western Balkans is an expansion of the front-line practitioner network focusing on radicalisation and P/CVE in the Western Balkans. In this network, front-line practitioners can exchange expertise and knowledge, share lessons learnt and identify good practices and recommendations to support the work of different stakeholders in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo.

We are looking for expert practitioners, including hybrid profiles academic/practitioners for the RAN in Western Balkans. The aim is to support the prevention of radicalisation in the region and to enhance synergies between professionals in the EU and the Western Balkans, in line with EU Policy.

The EU’s approach to prevention of radicalisation as set out below guides the work of RAN:

  • having a bottom-up approach, supporting the development of skills of front-line practitioners and using their insights in developing appropriate responses and framework conditions;
  • having a holistic approach, coordination and cooperation between different policy areas and instruments making a relevant contribution to tackling the root causes of radicalisation while strengthening resilience;
  • having a multi-sector/agency approach, meaning that different policy areas need to be coordinated, different actors need to cooperate, and that the development of policy responses but also concrete interventions, e.g. at local level, need to involve all the relevant stakeholders;
  • local is key: the recognition that it is foremost at the local level that the necessary measures need to be put in place and local actors that need to be empowered and supported — while such measures need to be coherent with (and complemented by) framework conditions at national level;
  • tailor-made responses taking into account the specificities of each case;
  • empowerment of civil society organisations since they can play an important role in different areas of preventing and countering radicalisation (e.g. in prisons, schools, etc.);
  • respect of fundamental rights and promotion of democratic values.

The activities of RAN are supported by an external contractor (RAN “staff”), a consortium that is headed by RadarEurope.

The RAN in the Western Balkans Expert Pool

The RAN in the Western Balkans expert pool consists of radicalisation experts and practitioners who can be selected for specific tasks and eventually subcontracting services.

Experts in the pool stand out among their fellow practitioners because of their in-depth knowledge and know-how on a specific topic as well as specific knowledge of the Western Balkans, combined with their capacity to transfer this know-how to others — for instance during meetings, and more particularly, by means of writing.

In a certain sense, experts fulfil the role of a ‘practitioner-plus’ or tutor, supporting other practitioners in the ongoing development of their craftsmanship both by lecturing and informing as well as by written means.

Activities of experts in the expert pool include;

  • write ad hoc and consolidated overview papers
  • write discussion and conclusion papers
  • write comprehensive overview paper
  • design a curriculum for and implementing one specific face-to face regional training
  • to help with other requests such as finding regional good practices

Criteria for selection

  • Experts in the expert pool should have a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in radicalisation and P/CVE;
  • Applicants will be asked to select their proven dominant field of expertise (see list of fields of expertise here)
  • Applicants will be asked to select skills of expertise (see list of skills here). Having training skills and one of the fields of expertise is considered as an asset.
  • Knowledge of English or one of the WB local languages is required.
  • Once selected, active participation in the expert pool is required. This includes actively applying for a call of expertise.

How do I apply?

  • Please fill in the application form by completing this survey via this link. The application form consists of 13 questions and will take approximately fifteen minutes. Selection criteria are stated in the survey.
  • Furthermore, you need to hand in your Curriculum Vitae (three pages maximum). This should document your relevant professional experience and expertise. All CVs should be submitted in the European format which can be found via this link.

Please note that we only require working experience, education and training, language skills and a list of publications (which can be included as annex at the Europass website). All other skills need not be included in the Europass CV.

In your CV, please include proof of expertise, if possible (e.g. references to self-authored guidebooks, handbooks or manuals, letters of satisfaction regarding training provided by them).

Please upload the CV in the survey questionnaire in pdf format.


Once the call has closed, RAN will propose a selection to the European Commission. After approval, the selected experts will be informed by RAN.

  • The call for the expert pool is open from 03 June 2021 until 26 June 2021.
  • Applicants will be informed on the selection in the third week of July 2021.

Questions or remarks regarding the application procedure can be directed to Jordy Krasenberg and Fenna Canters.