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right to asylum


The right of a person to seek asylum, guaranteed with due respect by the rules of the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol and in accordance with the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).



  • BG: право на убежище (от гледна точка на търсещия закрила)
  • CS: právo na azyl
  • DE: Recht auf Asyl
  • EL: δικαίωμα ασύλου
  • EN: right to asylum
  • ES: derecho de asilo
  • ET: õigus varjupaika taotleda
  • FI: oikeus turvapaikkaan, turvapaikkaoikeus
  • FR: droit d’asile
  • GA: ceart ar thearmann
  • HU: menedékhez való jog
  • IT: diritto all’asilo
  • LT: teisė į prieglobstį
  • LV: tiesības uz patvērumu
  • MT: Dritt għall-ażil
  • NL: recht op asiel
  • PL: prawo do azylu
  • PT: direito de asilo
  • RO: dreptul la azil
  • SK: právo na azyl
  • SL: pravica do azila
  • SV: rätt till asyl
  • NO: rett til beskyttelse (b); rett til vern (n)


  • right to seek asylum

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Refugees have no enforceable right in conventional international law to be granted asylum by a State. It is contested whether customary international law has embraced the individual right to asylum.