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residence document


A document issued by the authorities of an EU Member State authorising a third-country national to stay in its territory, including the documents substantiating the authorisation to remain in the territory under temporary protection arrangements or until the circumstances preventing a removal order from being carried out no longer apply, with the exception of visas and residence authorisations issued during the period required to determine the responsible EU Member State as established in Regulation (EU) No 604/2013 (Dublin III Regulation) or during examination of an application for international protection or an application for a residence permit.


Derived by EMN from Art. 2(l) of Regulation (EU) No 604/2013 (Dublin III Regulation)


  • BG: документ за пребиваване
  • CS: doklad o pobytu
  • DE: Aufenthaltstitel (EU acquis)
  • EL: τίτλος διαμονής / έγγραφο διαμονής
  • EN: residence document
  • ES: documento de residencia
  • ET: elamisluba (dokument)
  • FI: oleskeluun oikeuttava asiakirja, oleskeluasiakirja (oleskelulupa)
  • FR: titre de séjour
  • GA: doiciméad cónaithe
  • HU: tartózkodásra jogosító okmány
  • IT: titolo di soggiorno
  • LT: teisę gyventi šalyje patvirtinantis dokumentas
  • LV: uzturēšanās dokuments
  • MT: Dokument ta’ residenza
  • NL: verblijfsdocument
  • PL: dokument pobytowy
  • PT: título de residência
  • RO: document de şedere
  • SK: doklad o pobyte
  • SL: dokument za prebivanje
  • SV: uppehållstillstånd
  • NO: oppholdsdokument (b); opphaldsdokument (n)

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