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Act by a State accepting the re-entry of an individual (own national, third-country national or stateless person).


Derived by EMN from IOM Glossary on Migration, 2019.


  • BG: Реадмисия
  • CS: readmise
  • DE: Rückübernahme
  • EL: επανεισδοχή
  • EN: readmission
  • ES: readmisión
  • ET: tagasivõtmine
  • FI: takaisinotto
  • FR: réadmission
  • GA: Athligean isteach
  • HU: visszafogadás
  • IT: Riammissione
  • LT: readmisija
  • LV: atpakaļuzņemšana
  • MT: Riammissjoni
  • NL: overname
  • PT: Readmissão
  • SK: readmisia
  • SL: ponovni sprejem
  • SV: återtagande
  • NO: tilbaketakelse (b); tilbaketaking (n)

Narrower Term(s)


1. In order to foster the return of migrants who have been ordered to leave the European Union, the EU co-operates actively with the home countries of irregular migrants, in particular through EU readmission agreements (EURA). These set out clear obligations as well as detailed administrative and operational procedures, to facilitate the return and transit of persons who are irregularly residing. They aim at improving cooperation between administrations and can only be used after a return decision has been made in accordance with the procedural guarantees set by the Council Directive 2008/115/EC (Return Directive) and the relevant EU asylum rules.
2. Some EU readmission agreements include third country national clauses allowing applications for readmission of persons who do not have the nationality of either of the Parties (including stateless persons) and who transited the territory of one of the Parties.