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Migration and Home Affairs

migration route


The geographic route along which migrants and refugees move via hubs in transit areas from their country of origin to their country of destination, often travelling in mixed migration flows.


Derived by EMN from ICMPD


  • BG: миграционен път
  • CS: migrační trasa
  • DE: Migrationsroute
  • EL: οδός μετανάστευσης
  • EN: migration route
  • ES: ruta migratoria
  • ET: rändetee
  • FI: maahanmuuttoreitti
  • FR: route migratoire
  • GA: bealach imirce
  • HU: migrációs útvonal
  • IT: rotta migratoria
  • LT: migracijos maršrutas
  • LV: migrācijas ceļš
  • MT: Rotta migratorja
  • NL: migratieroute
  • PL: szlak migracyjny
  • PT: rota migratória
  • SK: migračná trasa
  • SL: migracijska pot
  • SV: migrationsrutt
  • NO: reiserute ved migrasjon