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mandate refugee


A person who meets the criteria of the UNHCR Statute and qualifies for the protection of the UN provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), regardless of whether or not they are in a country that is a party to the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol, or whether or not they have been recognised by the host countryas a refugee under either of these instruments.


Derived by EMN from IOM Glossary on Migration, 2019.


  • BG: бежанец по мандата на Върховния комисар на ООН за бежанците (ВКБООН)
  • CS: mandátní uprchlík
  • DE: Mandatsflüchtling
  • EL: πρόσφυγας εντολής
  • EN: mandate refugee
  • ES: refugiado (bajo mandato)
  • ET: mandaadipagulane
  • FI: mandaattipakolainen
  • FR: réfugié relevant du mandat du HCR
  • GA: dídeanaí de réir sainordú
  • HU: mandátumos menekült
  • IT: rifugiato ex Mandato
  • LT: pabėgėlis pagal mandatą
  • LV: UNHCR mandāta bēglis
  • MT: Rifuġjat(a) b’digriet / b’mandat
  • NL: mandaatvluchteling
  • PL: uchodźca mandatowy
  • PT: refugiado (mandato)
  • RO: refugiat sub mandat UNHCR
  • SK: mandátny utečenec
  • SL: mandatni begunec
  • SV: mandatflykting
  • NO: overføringsflyktning

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