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legal entry


  • In the global context, the entry of an alien into a foreign country in compliance with the necessary requirements for legal entry into the receiving State.
  • In the Schengen context, and for a stay not exceeding three months per six-month period, the entry of a third-country national into a Schengen Member State in compliance with Art. 5 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/399 (Schengen Borders Code).



  • BG: законно влизане
  • CS: oprávněný vstup
  • DE: legale Einreise
  • EL: νόμιμη είσοδος
  • EN: legal entry
  • ES: entrada legal
  • ET: seaduslik (riiki) sisenemine
  • FI: laillinen maahantulo
  • FR: entrée légale
  • GA: iontráil dhleathach
  • HU: legális beutazás / belépés
  • IT: ingresso autorizzato
  • LT: teisėtas atvykimas
  • LV: likumīga ieceļošana
  • MT: Dħul legali
  • NL: legale binnenkomst / regelmatige binnenkomst
  • PL: legalny wjazd
  • PT: entrada legal
  • RO: intrare legală
  • SK: oprávnený vstup / legálny vstup
  • SL: zakonit vstop
  • SV: laglig inresa
  • NO: lovlig innreise (b); lovleg innreise (n)

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