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integration indicators


Benchmarks used to measure the integration of migrants in specific policy areas, such as employment, education, social inclusion and active citizenship.


Developed by EMN.


  • BG: показатели за интеграция
  • CS: indikátory integrace
  • DE: Integrationsindikatoren
  • EL: δείκτες ένταξης
  • EN: integration indicators
  • ES: Indicadores de integración
  • ET: integratsiooni indikaatorid
  • FI: kotoutumisen indikaattorit
  • FR: indicateurs d'intégration
  • HU: integrációs indikátorok
  • IT: indicatori di integrazione
  • LV: integrācijas indikatori
  • LT: integracijos rodikliai
  • MT: Indikaturi tal-integrazzjoni
  • NL: Integratie-indicatoren
  • PL: wskaźniki integracji
  • PT: indicadores de integração
  • SK: ukazovatele integrácie / integračné ukazovatele
  • SL: kazalniki vključenosti
  • SV: integrationsindikatorer
  • NO: integreringsindikatorer


  • Zaragoza indicators

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1. The Zaragoza Declaration on Integration adopted in 2010 agreed on a set of common indicators in the policy areas mentioned in the definition, additional indicators (such as health) were introduced later.
2. Eurostat reports include statistics monitoring the core Zaragoza indicators and other indicators such as indicators for employment:
- ​​​​the share of employees who are overqualified for their jobs;
- self-employment.
3. For more information see Final Report on Using EU Indicators of Immigrant Integration, August 2013.