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illegal employment


Economic activity carried out in violation of provisions set by legislation.


Derived by EMN from definition for ‘clandestine employment’ in the ILO Thesaurus, 6th ed., 2008.


  • BG: незаконна заетост
  • CS: nelegální zaměstnávání
  • DE: illegale Beschäftigung
  • EL: παράνομη απασχόληση
  • EN: illegal employment
  • ES: empleo ilegal
  • ET: ebaseaduslik töötamine
  • FI: laiton työnteko
  • FR: emploi illégal
  • GA: fostaíocht neamhdhleathach
  • HU: illegális foglalkoztatás
  • IT: lavoro illegale
  • LT: nelegalus darbas
  • LV: nelikumīga nodarbinātība
  • MT: Impjieg illegali
  • NL: illegale tewerkstelling / illegale arbeid
  • PL: nielegalne zatrudnienie
  • PT: emprego ilegal
  • RO: angajare ilegală, muncă la negru
  • SK: nelegálne zamestnávanie
  • SL: ilegalna zaposlitev / nezakonita zaposlitev
  • SV: olaglig anställning
  • NO: illegalt arbeid


  • clandestine employment

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1. In the EU context , this covers both the illegal employment of a third-country national who is irregularly staying on the territory of an EU Member State and of a legally resident third-country national working outside the conditions of the residence permit and/or without a work permit.
2. In the context of Directive 2009/52/EC (Employer Sanctions Directive) this means the employment of an illegally staying third-country national (see Art. 2(d)).