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human rights


Agreed international standards that recognise and protect the dignity and integrity of every individual, without any distinction.


UNHCR Master Glossary of Terms


  • BG: човешки права
  • CS: lidská práva
  • DE: Menschenrechte
  • EL: δικαιώματα του ανθρώπου / ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα
  • EN: human rights
  • ES: derechos humanos
  • ET: inimõigused
  • FI: ihmisoikeudet
  • FR: droits de l’homme
  • GA: cearta an duine
  • HU: emberi jogok
  • IT: diritti umani
  • LT: žmogaus teisės
  • LV: cilvēktiesības
  • MT: Drittijiet (Id-) tal-bniedem
  • NL: mensenrechten
  • PL: prawa człowieka
  • PT: direitos humanos
  • RO: drepturile omului
  • SK: ľudské práva
  • SL: človekove pravice
  • SV: mänskliga rättigheter
  • NO: menneskerettigheter (b); menneskerettar (n)


  • fundamental rights

Related Term(s)


1. Human rights form part of customary international law and are stipulated in a variety of national, regional and international legal documents generally referred to as human rights instruments.
2. In the EU the preferred term to use is fundamental rights.