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contract migrant worker


Person working in a country other than their own under contractual arrangements that set limits on the period of employment and on the specific job held by the migrant.


OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms


  • BG: работник мигрант на трудов договор
  • CS: pracující migrant se smluvním vztahem
  • DE: Vertragsarbeitnehmer
  • EL: μισθωτός μετανάστης εργαζόμενος
  • EN: contract migrant worker
  • ES: No translation
  • ET: lepinguline võõrtöötaja
  • FI: maahanmuuttaja, jolla on rajoitettu työnteko-oikeus
  • FR: travailleur migrant sous contrat
  • GA: oibrí imirceach ar conradh
  • HU: szerződéssel rendelkező / szerződéses migráns munkavállaló
  • IT: lavoratore migrante a contratto
  • LT: migrantas darbuotojas pagal sutartį
  • LV: līgumdarbinieks migrants
  • MT: Migrant ħaddiem b’kuntratt tax-xogħol
  • NL: buitenlandse contractarbeider
  • PL: migrant / pracownik kontraktowy
  • PT: trabalhador migrante por conta de outrem
  • RO: lucrator migrant cu contract
  • SK: pracujúci migrant so zmluvou na dobu určitú
  • SL: pogodbeni delavec migrant
  • SV: migrant med begränsat anställningsavtal
  • NO: migrant med begrenset arbeidsavtale (b); migrant med avgrensa arbeidsavtale (n)


  • contract worker

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1. Contract migrant workers cannot change jobs without permission granted by the authorities of the receiving state.
2. This full term is not commonly used; ‘contract worker’, which does not necessarily apply to migrants only, is more common.