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adoption (of legal acts)


In the context of accords, in public international law, the formal act by which negotiating parties establish the form and content of a treaty.


Derived by EMN from IOM Glossary on Migration, 2019.


  • BG: приемане
  • CS: přijetí (právních aktů)
  • DE: Annahme (von Rechtsakten)
  • EL: υιοθέτηση (νομοθετικών πράξεων)
  • EN: adoption (of legal acts)
  • ES: adopción
  • ET: (õigusakti) vastuvõtmine
  • FI: hyväksyminen
  • FR: adoption (d’actes législatifs)
  • GA: glacadh
  • HU: elfogadás
  • IT: adozione (di atti giuridici)
  • LT: (susitarimo) priėmimas
  • LV: pieņemšana
  • MT: Aċċettazzjoni
  • NL: goedkeuring
  • PL: przyjęcie
  • PT: aprovação
  • RO: adoptie
  • SK: prijatie (právnych aktov)
  • SL: sprejetje
  • SV: antagande
  • NO: godkjenning


The treaty is adopted through a specific act expressing the will of the states and the international organisations participating in the negotiation of that treaty, e.g. by voting on the text, initialling, signing, etc. Adoption may also be the mechanism used to establish the form and content of amendments to a treaty, or regulations under a treaty.