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Migration and Home Affairs

accelerated international protection procedure


An expedited procedure to examine an application for international protection which is either already deemed manifestly unfounded, which involves serious national security or public order concerns, or which is a subsequent application.


Derived by EMN from the Council of Europe’s Guidelines on human rights protection in the context of accelerated asylum procedures 2009


  • BG: ускорено производство за предоставяне на международна закрила
  • CS: zrychlené řízení o mezinárodní ochraně
  • DE: beschleunigtes Verfahren auf internationalen Schutz
  • EL: ταχεία διαδικασία εξέτασης αιτήσεως διεθνούς προστασίας
  • EN: accelerated international protection procedure
  • ES: tramitación de urgencia
  • ET: kiirendatud rahvusvahelise kaitse menetlus
  • FI: kansainvälistä suojelua koskeva nopeutettu menettely
  • FR: procédure accélérée de traitement d’une demande de protection internationale
  • GA: Nós Imeachta Luathaithe um Chosaint Idirnáisiúnta
  • HU: gyorsított menedékjogi eljárás
  • IT: procedura accelerata di esame della domanda di protezione internazionale
  • LT: paspartinta tarptautinės apsaugos procedūra (EU acquis); paspartinta prieglobsčio procedūra
  • LV: paātrināta starptautiskās aizsardzības piešķiršanas procedūra
  • MT: Proċedura aċċellerata għall-protezzjoni internazzjonali
  • NL: versnelde procedure voor de behandeling van het verzoek om internationale bescherming
  • PL: procedura przyspieszona w sprawie o udzielenie ochrony międzynarodowej
  • PT: processo acelerado de proteção internacional
  • RO: procedura accelerata
  • SK: zrýchlený postup posudzovania žiadosti o medzinárodnú ochranu
  • SL: pospešeni postopek mednarodne zaščite
  • SV: påskyndat prövningsförfarande av ansökan om internationellt skydd
  • NO: hurtigprosedyre for behandling av asylsøknader (b); hurtigprosedyre for handsaming av asylsøknader (n)


  • accelerated procedure for international protection
  • speedy asylum procedure
  • speedy international protection procedure

Broader Term(s)


1. As per the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe’s guidelines on human rights protection in the context of accelerated asylum procedures of 1 July 2009, the procedure derogates from normally applicable procedural timescales and / or procedural guarantees with a view to expediting decision-making. Procedures whereby a state may declare an application inadmissible without considering the merits of the claim also fall mutatis mutandis within the scope of the guidelines. For more information see the webpage of the Council of Europe
2. Directive 2013/32/EU (Recast Asylum Procedures Directive) recognises, in Recital 18 of the Preamble and in Art. 31(2) that it is in the interest of both EU Member States and applicants for international protection for decisions to be taken as soon as possible. This Directive does not provide for minimum or maximum time limits for taking a decision on applications for international protection nor does it define the term ‘accelerated procedure’. However, Art. 31(2) does make clear that the speed of the asylum procedure may not prejudice ‘an adequate and complete examination’ of the asylum claim.
3. Accelerated procedures must comply with the basic principles and guarantees laid down in Chapter II of Directive 2013/32/EU (Recast Asylum Procedures Directive) and may be conducted only in limited cases laid down in Art. 31(8) of the Directive.