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Webinar on the RAN “Peer and Self Review Manual for Exit work”, 07 October 2020

Call for participants

This webinar will be based on the RAN Peer and Self Review Manual for Exit work, published in January 2020. The manual aims at improving exit work and assessing its impact through providing guidance and lessons learned regarding self and peer review. This will help practitioners to critically reflect on their own work, aims and target groups to constantly improve their own work and discover gaps.

The webinar will take place Wednesday 07 October (3.30–5.00pm, CEST).

The goal of this webinar is to disseminate the manual’s key findings and to give further insights into how the implementation of the manual could look like. While the manual already provides practical guidance for its readers, the webinar will further address the most important aspects that need to be considered when implementing it.


The target audience of the webinar is twofold:

  • First-line practitioners that provide exit work within or outside of prison contexts, including staff from NGOs and CSOs as well as law enforcement.
  • Persons interested in quality control and evaluation mechanisms in the field of P/CVE

Based on the manual, the webinar aims to provide the target group with essential knowledge on how to create a system of peer or self review for their own organisation in order to be able to ensure quality standards and constantly working to strengthen their impact. Furthermore, it is intended to spur the debate on how practitioners themselves can reflect methodologically about their work.


To present an academic perspective on peer and self-review processes, we invited two of the authors of the RAN “Peer and Self Review Manual for Exit work” Dr. res. Milena Uhlmann and Maarten van de Donk as speakers.

Milena Uhlmann is a former researcher at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Germany, where she oversaw and conducted the evaluation of advice center “Radicalisation” and co-authored the above-mentioned manual. In 2019, she has joined the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community of Germany as an advisor on preventing and countering violent extremism. As a distinguished expert in this field and author of the bespoke manual, she will provide input from an academic perspective.

Maarten van de Donk has been involved in RAN since 2012 and supported the respective RAN working groups on exit work since that time. Other themes he dealt with in RAN are prison and probation and victims of terrorism.


Robert Örell is co-chair of the RAN Rehabilitation Working Group, former director of Exit Sweden and current director of Exit USA at Life After Hate.

The meeting will be held online in English.

If you have any further questions, contact Julia Handle.

If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please register following this link no later than 07 October (12pm CEST).