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Migration and Home Affairs

RAN LOCAL and RAN H&SC Taking mental health insights into account in local P/CVE, Paris 29 May 2019

First-line practitioners from several different RAN Working Groups have indicated a correlation between mental health illnesses and susceptibility to radicalisation. With the assumptions that susceptibility for radicalisation and recruitment is higher for persons with a specific mental illness, the meeting addressed the role of local authorities in detecting early-stage symptoms and how to safeguard such individuals.

Mental health experts shared relevant findings in regard to the nexus between specific mental health issues, triggers, disorders, and higher susceptibility to extremist thoughts and violence and how these may manifest. Participants of the meeting agreed that involving mental health specialists in preventing violent extremism (PVE) and countering violent extremism (CVE) is necessary.

This is needed to make sure vulnerable individuals and radicalised individuals with traits of mental illnesses are safeguarded adequately and that public safety is being safeguarded as well. Read more


PDF Paper (also available in French and German)