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Migration and Home Affairs

Call for participants: RAN Mental Health Meeting “Mental health practices and interventions in P/CVE”

This an online meeting will take place on 22–23 September 2021 (10.00–13.00 CET).

We are currently looking for mental health practitioners, local coordinators, family, and community and social care workers with experience or knowledge on mental health interventions in P/CVE, and would like to share their knowledge and experiences during this meeting.


In recent years, a growing number of P/CVE interventions focus on mental health aspects of individuals vulnerable to radicalisation. Also, more attention is paid to mental health aspects and treatments in the deradicalisation of radicalised individuals or even extremist offenders during disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration of extremist offenders (DRR).

Therefore, the leading question for this meeting is what intervention or method, or practice works best in which case and under what circumstances (e.g. early prevention or deradicalisation). Additionally, we will look at this through a holistic lens by considering how these interventions fit in a multi-agency setting that includes a broad range of practitioners, families and communities.

During this meeting participants will discuss the importance and role of mental health interventions in P/CVE by means of case studies. The aim of this meeting is to apply existing knowledge, skills and practices to known cases related to P/CVE and mental health and to discover the effectiveness of certain interventions, why they were effective and under what circumstances they bring results.

The practices and interventions are also linked to the multi-agency setting in which they took place. The goal is to produce an overview of known cases and provide practitioners with suitable examples of interventions for their own practice.

Call for participants

In order to find the best suited participants and to tailor the meeting content to the practitioners’ needs, we would like to ask you to submit this survey by 10 August at the latest.

We will invite participants based on this information. Due to a limited number of places available for this online meeting to foster exchanges, participation is not guaranteed. We will contact you by the end of August.

If you know other suitable participants for whom this meeting is interesting, feel free to forward the call.

If you have any further questions, please don´t hesitate to contact j [dot] krasenbergatradaradvies [dot] nl (Jordy Krasenberg), f [dot] denizatradaradvies [dot] nl (Feline Deniz) and c [dot] ozkanatradaradvies [dot] nl (Ceren Özkan)