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Migration and Home Affairs

Call for participants: RAN EU-US Digital Study Visit

This online meeting will take place on 24 and 25 March 2021

For the upcoming mutual EU-US digital study visit, we are currently looking for interested and suitable practitioners.

Meeting topics

This study visit will look into the general context of violent extremist and/or terrorist groups, early prevention and PCVE, provide exchange with American first-line practitioners and address specific topics such as local and regional coordination of PCVE.

The first part of the study visit will focus on the policy and researcher’s perspective and compare the current state of play in the US with the EU. We will gain insights from regional coordinators and first-line practitioners working in the prevention of extremism and hear about multiagency cooperation. We will elaborate on the current state of transatlantic cooperation as well as possibilities to enhance it.

Call for participants

We are currently looking for first-line practitioners working as regional PCVE coordinators or in multi-agency cooperation in PCVE. To find the best-suited participants, we would like to ask you to answer the following questions when sharing your interest to participate:

  • How are P/CVE activities coordinated in your region/province/municipality?
  • What challenges do you face when it comes to multi-agency coordination of the activities related to extremism?
  • Are you involved in transnational cooperation? Is your country involved in cooperation with the US?
  • What are the 3 key questions that you would wish to ask participants in this study visit?

Even though a limited number of participants can be accepted to this meeting, the input gathered from all applicants will be gathered, analysed, and anonymised, and used to enrich the discussions and deliverables of the meeting.


If you are interested in participating at this meeting, elaborate on these questions and send your answers to florian [dot] reimersatviolence-prevention-network [dot] de (Florian Reimers) before 8 March. Participants will be invited based on this information.

Please keep in mind that we only invite a limited number of participants to this meeting to ensure valuable exchange and interaction, so participation is not guaranteed.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact florian [dot] reimersatviolence-prevention-network [dot] de (Florian Reimers).