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Migration and Home Affairs
Nyhedsartikel21 Oktober 2021

A visual glimpse into the new 2021-2027 migration, borders and internal security funds

The EU is counting on three new funding instruments to support its longstanding goals of better migration management, stronger borders and improved internal security over the 2021-2027 period.

A set of explanatory videos has just been published, providing a concise but comprehensive visual overview of the main objectives and actions supported by each of the home affairs funding instruments.

The new instruments come with a reinforced budget (surpassing the €18 billion threshold) and greater flexibility to allow the EU to tackle evolving challenges across the home affairs area.

The new AMIF, with an initial budget of €9.88 billion for the 2021-2027 period, will support the delivery of a comprehensive European approach to migration and asylum, centred on humane and effective long-term solutions.

The fund will finance a wide range of actions that contribute to strengthening and developing the common European asylum system, supporting legal migration and integration, preventing irregular migration and improving returns, and strengthening solidarity between Member States.

AMIF-supported initiatives will not only build up national capacities and procedures but also contribute to deepening partnerships.

The new BMVI has an initial budget of €6.38 billion to ensure an effective European integrated border management at the external borders and to support the common visa policy.

These objectives go hand-in-hand with the promotion of internal security and free movement of people in the EU, and are to be supported by actions ranging from training of immigration liaison officers and improved visa services, to investment in infrastructure, equipment and common large-scale IT systems, among others.

The new BMVI will strengthen the EU’s external borders while upgrading international cooperation.

The ISF is set up with an initial budget of €1.93 billion and with the objectives of promoting strengthened capabilities to fight and prevent terrorism, crime and radicalisation; strengthening cross-border cooperation; and facilitating information exchange among EU law enforcement agencies and other relevant authorities.

Envisaged ISF-funded actions include the purchase of adequate ICT systems, implementation of better information exchange and best practices via networks, and education and training of law enforcement and judicial authorities and administrative agencies.

The new ISF brings about a more dynamic and cross-cutting approach towards handling EU security threats, including emerging crises.


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21 Oktober 2021