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Migration and Home Affairs
Alt nuachta26 Feabhra 2021

Talent Partnerships: Commissioner Johansson meeting with Social and Economic Partners

Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson participated today via a videoconference in a meeting with the Social and Economic partners on Talent Partnerships. As announced in the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, Talent Partnerships enhance the commitment to develop sustainable legal pathways and attract skills and talents to the EU and are needed to build strong cooperation between concerned institutions and stakeholders. The discussion today focused on various sub-topics such as legal mobility schemes, economic growth and education pre-departure programmes.


Commissioner Johansson said “Nearly 35 million people living in Europe today were born outside the European Union and legal migration is a very important element in the New Pact on Asylum and Migration. Well-managed legal migration can bring benefit to our society and the economy, particularly in the EU context of shrinking working age population. The aim of Talent Partnerships is to support mobility and migration schemes for labour and training purposes between interested EU Member States and key third countries. This was just the beginning, we will organise a high-level conference at the beginning of May to launch the Talent Partnerships with Member States and social and economic partners and other key EU stakeholders.”


What are Talent Partnerships?

Cooperation with third country partners under the New Pact will strengthen legal migration and mobility through Talent Partnerships. The Partnerships will help match labour and skill needs in the EU and will link skilled workers, employers, social partners, labour market institutions, and education and training through dedicated outreach and by building a network of involved enterprises, as well as financially support mobility schemes for work or training.

Next Steps

The Commission will continue to consult all the stakeholders. Commissioner Johansson will meet next week, on 2nd March, with the expert group on the views of migrants.

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26 Feabhra 2021