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Migration and Home Affairs
News article28 July 2021

Structured Dialogue at Union level: Call for applications for expert group on EU funds

DG for Migration and Home Affairs looks forward to receiving opinions and views of organisations, and bodies working in the fields of migration, security and border management, as contribution to our policies during the next seven years.

The organisations invited to participate are:

  • umbrella organisations working at EU level representing regional, local, urban and other public authorities,
  • economic and social partners, and
  • civil society organisations, including NGOs working in the fields covered by our policies.

International organisations working in the above mentioned fields may also apply to participate. 

As established in the Common provisions regulation (CPR), setting common rules for the 2021-2027 funding period of the EU funds, including the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), Internal Security Fund (ISF), Instrument for Financial Support for Border Management and Visa Policy (BMVI), the Commission is setting up a group of experts to carry out this dialogue (Decision C(2021) 5014, 9 July 2021).

As in previous funding periods, in order to foster the dialogue with partners - at least once a year, through this group, the Commission will consult organisations that represent partners at Union level on the implementation of programmes.

To this end, a Call for applications to select the participating partners is ongoing.

The application deadline is 28 September 2021. Further information on the open call and application requirements can be found in the document:


Publication date
28 July 2021