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Yleisluonteiset julkaisut17. kesäkuuta 2022Muuttoliike- ja sisäasioiden pääosasto

Spotlight on Ukraine

Spotlight on Ukraine News

THERE is growing concern among policy makers and practitioners alike about the potential security impact of the war in Ukraine on the EU and its Member States. With the propagation of mis- and disinformation about the war, the largescale migration of refugees to neighbouring countries, the flow of ‘foreign volunteers’ to Ukraine to fight on both sides and a growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, many experts believe it is giving new opportunities for extremists and terrorists to radicalise and recruit.

In this Spotlight, leading experts analysing the conflict and practitioners from the RAN network, share their insights about first-hand experiences of the war and its potential consequences for preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) across Europe. This Spotlight includes content on community sentiments towards the war, emerging narratives around migration and refugees, evolving disinformation narratives and the foreign volunteer challenge.



17. kesäkuuta 2022
Muuttoliike- ja sisäasioiden pääosasto