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Všeobecné publikácie25 apríl 2022Generálne riaditeľstvo pre migráciu a vnútorné záležitosti

Spotlight on Polarisation

Spotlight on Polarisation news

Events and crises, both inside and outside of the EU – such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine – can have a significant polarising effect on communities right across Europe. Such events give opportunities for terrorist and extremist groups to spread polarising narratives and disinformation, designed to exacerbate underlying and existing tensions and grievances, and in doing so, sow division among these communities.

Recent events in Ukraine alone, have given new opportunities for extremists and terrorists to radicalise and recruit. This can be seen in: the discrimination and victimisation of Russian minority communities across the EU and the proliferation of disinformation and conspiracy narratives designed to divide public opinion about events in Ukraine.



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25 apríl 2022
Generálne riaditeľstvo pre migráciu a vnútorné záležitosti