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Publicações de caráter geral16 dezembro 2022Direção-Geral da Migração e dos Assuntos Internos

Spotlight on Civil Society

Spotlight on Civil Society news

Violent extremist recruitment efforts are increasingly localised. They draw on local grievances and exploit local events to radicalise vulnerable individuals. It therefore often falls to social workers, youth workers, teachers and others on the frontline in communities, to tackle this challenge. However, the importance of civil society groups and their representatives, cannot be understated. They often have the credibility and reach among the communities they represent to engage vulnerable individuals within them and intervene.

In this Spotlight, RAN practitioners and experts from outside of the network, share their insights on the important role of civil society in preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE). This Spotlight provides an overview of the challenges in communities in Europe today, the different communities which civil society groups represent and the challenges that they face. It includes content on working with faith-based groups, working with community figures inside and outside of schools, and creating safe spaces for young people.


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Data de publicação
16 dezembro 2022
Direção-Geral da Migração e dos Assuntos Internos