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News announcement28 November 2022Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs2 min read

RAN Practitioners Webinar on Hybrid ideologies (English)

This webinar will take place on 12 December 2022, 14:00 – 15:45 CET - Online via Webex

RAN Webinar

Background and aims

The increasingly fragmented nature of emerging violent ideologies and inter-linkages between all kinds of ideologies is generating a new phenomenon often referred to as ‘hybrid ideologies’. This relatively still unexplored phenomenon can be understood in different ways, including as the overlap of certain key elements in different ideologies, the alignment of different ideological groups to further a common goal (such as the removal of government) or the study of other groups’ (even opposed groups’) tactics. Another term being used in this context is the term “salad bar” extremism, referring to extremists drawing from sometimes contradictory or antithetical grievances, interests, and beliefs.

It is not a new insight that radicalisation processes take place not just within but also between groups and that intersections of certain ideological elements exist across different radical groups. These commonalities have been termed bridge narratives. They include anti-imperialism, anti-modernism, anti-universalism, anti-Semitism and anti-feminism and the idea of acting in (legitimate) resistance which justifies violence.

Building on former meetings and insights, a webinar series on Hybrid ideologies in German, French and English will focus on exploring the development of hybrid ideologies, particularly focusing on connective ideological elements and addressing the resulting challenges for practitioners when dealing with the topic in the future. 

Target audience / participants

The target audience of these webinars are P/CVE practitioners engaging with the prevention and countering of different forms of extremism. These practitioners include social, youth and family workers as well as mental health professionals, prison and probation officers, exit workers and relevant local authorities, including law enforcement.


The webinars will be held on three consecutive dates:


If you would like to attend the webinar in English, please register here. This link will redirect you to a WebEx page with a ‘register’ button. Please click on this button and sign up with your email address. Please use the same e-mail address that you will use to log into the event. 

Shortly after your registration, you will be admitted to the event by RAN Staff. You will then receive an automated confirmation message and a registration link from WebEx which will lead you to the webinar environment. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam inbox. 

Please note that this webinar is primarily aimed at dissemination and will only allow for limited interaction between attendees and speakers. Attendees will be given the opportunity to pose questions via the Q&A and chat function during the event. All questions will be collected and selected questions put to the speakers by the moderators. 

If you have any questions related to the webinars, please feel free to reach out to Maarten van de Donk, alexandra [dot] kornatViolence-prevention-network [dot] de (Alexandra Korn), or niv [dot] zonisatviolence-prevention-network [dot] de (Niv Zonis).  



Publication date
28 November 2022 (Last updated on: 1 February 2023)
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs