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Migration and Home Affairs
Bilten9. prosinca 2021.Glavna uprava za migracije i unutarnje poslove

RAN Practitioners Update 90 | December 2021

RAN update 90 news

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the propagation and proliferation of conspiracy narratives and disinformation at an ever-increasing pace. Where they were once thought to be confined to dark, hidden corners of the online space, COVID-19 has accelerated their mainstreaming into almost all areas of life.

With the pathway between conspiracy narratives, disinformation and radicalisation already established, practitioners are having to work harder than ever to cut through the noise created by these narratives, which can be so appealing to communities who are increasingly finding it difficult to know what to believe.

This month’s update contains the latest RAN Practitioners Spotlight Magazine which focuses on the topic of conspiracy narratives and disinformation, with articles and interviews with practitioners working in this space.

The Update also links to a new film which hears from academic experts, practitioners and Working Group Leads discussing conspiracy narratives and disinformation, as well as a newly released paper on the topic.



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9. prosinca 2021.
Glavna uprava za migracije i unutarnje poslove