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Newsletter17 September 2021

RAN Practitioners Update 87 | September 2021

RAN update 87 news

The terrorist and extremist threat is constantly evolving and changing, with terrorists and violent extremists adapting to new technologies and global events. As Europe continues to move out of the COVID-19 pandemic, these threats have emerged from the shadows, becoming increasingly weaponised and accelerated by the pandemic, and must be understood and addressed through P/CVE activity, both inside and outside of RAN Practitioners.

In this month’s RAN Practitioners Update, we turn attention to some of these emerging threats, such as the violent incel movement, an increasing digital proficiency within lone actors, and an accelerationism in the violent right-wing extremist (VRWE) space. The Update features a Spotlight magazine containing articles and interviews from practitioners and Working Group leads highlighting the prevalence and development of such threats.

The Update also looks at how practitioners can best look to monitor and evaluate their work in tackling these emerging threats. This includes a new animation film, a RAN paper on monitoring and evaluation, as well as a resources section that highlights how practitioners can leverage the evaluation of their P/CVE work in an increasingly digital environment. Finally, the Update shares details on the re-opening of the Remembrance Day Design Competition.


Publication date
17 September 2021