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Лого на Европейската комисия
Migration and Home Affairs
Бюлетин19 август 2022Генерална дирекция „Миграция и вътрешни работи“

RAN Practitioners Update 100 | August 2022 - Special Edition

RAN Practitioners Update 100 news

As we mark the halfway point in the year, we are delighted to issue the 100th edition of the RAN Practitioners Update.

As a digital newsletter, the Update is designed to provide members of RAN Practitioners with monthly updates on the latest activity of the network, highlighting upcoming events, promoting recently published papers and showcasing some of the projects and people at the heart of it.

This Special Edition Update takes a look back, at some of the highlights from Updates in recent years.

This Update therefore, includes previously published content which tells the story of RAN Practitioners, the P/CVE challenges it has been addressing and the work being done to tackle it.



Дата на публикуване
19 август 2022
Генерална дирекция „Миграция и вътрешни работи“