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Yleisluonteiset julkaisut9 joulukuu 2022Muuttoliike- ja sisäasioiden pääosasto

RAN Online radicalisation 2022 infographic

RAN Online radicalisation 2022 infographic cover
Yleisluonteiset julkaisut9 joulukuu 2022
RAN Online radicalisation 2022 infographic

Over the last two decades, the world has undergone a digital transformation. New digital technologies allow people to spend more time online than ever before. News sites, social media channels, video gaming platforms and chat rooms are just one click away. This also means that people are more easily targeted by violent extremists, who proliferate disinformation, fake news, conspiracy narratives and extremist propaganda to further their agenda.

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9 joulukuu 2022
Muuttoliike- ja sisäasioiden pääosasto