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Publicações de caráter geral13 julho 2021Direção-Geral da Migração e dos Assuntos Internos

RAN CSEP BRIEFING: Radicalisation Awareness Game Engagement (RAGE): Game Changer

RAN CSEP BRIEFING: Game Changer cover

The overall goal of Game Changer is to empower NGOs from across Europe to engage young people in issues affecting their local communities and to build resilience to violent extremism through online and offline campaigns and smart use of technology.

The target audience(s) of the project included NGOs working with youth (12-25 years old mainly) in countries like Greece, France, the Netherlands and Poland where the project partners are active.

Key outcomes of the project include:

  • Entertainment (fun and play) is an important aspect to consider for the creation of games aimed at promoting behaviour change. This should be adjusted to the target audience and preferably tested with the target audience.
  • Games can help first-line practitioners like teachers in facilitating deeper discussions with their students on a broad range of topics. The development of such tools can be useful in schools.

This paper follows a briefing structure in which it summarises the online campaigns, presents the achievements of the project and the lessons learned in preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE), as well as links to the campaigns’ main messages.

RAN CSEP BRIEFING: Radicalisation Awareness Game Engagement (RAGE): Game Changer
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Data de publicação
13 julho 2021
Direção-Geral da Migração e dos Assuntos Internos